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Radiofrequency Therapy for Foot Pain

Pain in the feet is very common, especially at the heel and near the toes. It can be the result of injury, changes in anatomy, or lifestyle. Pain in the heel is the most common complaint and can be a result of posture, spending a lot of time standing, or excessive physical activity. Pain in the toes is commonly caused by nerve compression and irritation. Radiofrequency Therapy can be an effective treatment for chronic foot pain. Kesler Podiatry proudly offers state-of-the-art radiofrequency therapy for foot pain to our friends and neighbors in Wayne as well as Pompton Lakes, Franklin Lakes, Oakland, NJ, Wyckoff, Fair Lawn, Midland Park, North Haledon, West Caldwell, and Paterson.

Treating foot pain with Radiofrequency Therapy (RF)

RF uses energy to disrupt nerve function, preventing nerves from transmitting pain. Radiofrequency Therapy is often performed at multiple locations along the affected nerve to alleviate pain.

RF Therapy for Nerve-Related Foot Pain

If you experience symptoms of nerve pain, or if previous treatments such as physical therapy and orthotics have proven ineffective, RF therapy might be a good option. Symptoms of nerve pain include burning, tingling, or numb sensations in the feet or pain that radiates along the foot, especially early in the morning or standing up after sitting for a while.

What to Expect with Radiofrequency Therapy

RF Therapy is a minimally invasive procedure that typically does not cause pain. There is no anesthesia required, but a local anesthetic might be used to numb the surrounding skin. A very thin needle is inserted at the point of pain, and then the nerve is stimulated to ensure correct placement. This might provoke similar pain symptoms to those you have been experiencing, as well as muscle twitching. Once the needle is in position, the area will be numbed and radiofrequency energy will be used to disrupt the problematic nerve. In many cases, it is performed at multiple locations along the nerve to ensure complete pain relief.

You do not need to do anything in preparation for RF therapy, but ice packs may be applied to reduce inflammation in the treatment area. After Radiofrequency Therapy, you will be monitored for a few minutes and you should be able to leave the office on your own. We recommend resting for the rest of the day. You may feel sore for 1 – 4 days, and your foot may feel weak, numb, or itchy for a few weeks. Complete pain relief usually occurs after 4 – 6 weeks, and may be permanent or may require a second round of RF therapy when your nerves regenerated. For the leading radiofrequency therapy for foot pain in Wayne, Pompton Lakes, Franklin Lakes, Oakland, NJ, Wyckoff, Fair Lawn, Midland Park, North Haledon, West Caldwell, and Paterson, call Kesler Podiatry today at (973) 835-8350.

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