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Patient Testimonials

Dr. Kesler is a respectful man with utmost knowledge in podiatry. I had a very bad ingrown toenail that got infected and I don’t believe anyone could have done a better job than he did.

Dr. Kesler was the only Podiatrist that I found that was able to help me figure out why I was in so much pain for so many years. He is extremely knowledgeable, and very thorough with my consultation. I highly recommend him as a Podiatrist.

I went to see him for an emergency fracture, and he ended up operating on my ankle the following week. I am very pleased with his work. I have fully recovered and have no pain.

I took my son to see Dr. Kesler for an ingrown toenail. My son was very comfortable with him, and he did a great job with taking care of the nail! His staff was very nice and made sure we got an appointment right away.

Dr. Kesler and his staff were extremely helpful and knowledgeable.

I saw Dr. Kesler for a broken bone in my foot. He operated on me and I am now completely without pain. His office was very accommodating during my post surgery visits. He took a lot of time to explain the surgery to me and I am very happy with the results. I highly recommend Dr. Kesler.

Thank you Dr. Kesler! After years of suffering from foot pain, I finally found a doctor that correctly treated the problem.

Dr. Kesler operated on my foot and I am now finally without pain.

I did it – thanks for Dr. Kesler! It was only a 5k but I had no foot pain. See you in December.

I highly recommend Dr. Kesler. I first went to him when I broke my ankle. His staff was very accommodating with scheduling an appointment. He operated on my ankle and I am now completely without pain.

Dr. Kesler treated me with utmost care and respect. He is extremely knowledgeable and the best podiatrist I have been to. I highly recommend Dr. Kesler!

Dr. Kesler is an excellent doctor. I went to see him after a friend recommended him. I had severe heel pain for about 6 years, and had seen a few podiatrists that never really did anything for me. After a very thorough exam, and some visits my heel pain is gone. I highly recommend him.

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